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Sporting Injuries

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I play or have played a wide range of sports, including rugby, golf, badminton, squash, running, cycling and martial arts so I am fully aware of the needs and stresses athletes ask of their bodies. Chronic restriction and injury prevents the body from absorbing the shocks and stresses of competitive sport.

A typical therapeutic approach to sportsmen and women at all levels is to treat the injury as a local problem. It is often only presenting due to other deeper mechanical problems that have to be eliminated at the same time.

Many years of research and tens of thousands of successful treatments has given me experience second to none in my understanding of the mechanics of the human body.

I have successfully treated many professional athletes from a wide range of sports as well as keen amateur golfers attempting to improve their handicap, or runners with persistent ankle or back pain.

They all benefit from my expertise in personalised treatment and my in depth understanding of how the body should work at its best.

I practice Tai Chi daily. This discipline has improved my understanding of the benefits of postural awareness for preventing injuries and maintaining good health. I share its basic principles with my patients, along with tailored advice on stretching and exercise to help them stay as healthy as they can.

Is your life limited by persistent back, neck or joint pain?
Is your sporting life hampered by persistent injury?
Is your baby often unhappy, restless or suffers unexplained stressful episodes?
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